? UMACS - Underwriting Management & Actuarial Consultancy
UMACS is an independent consultancy providing underwriting organisations with specialist advice on pricing and the management and governance of underwriting profitability.
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UMACS offers deep knowledge of the practical and technical issues which arise as well as a track record of ‘getting things done’ in this area. We have worked closely with both underwriters and management to implement new processes and have provided advice to some of leading, largest and most profitable operations in the London Market.

UMACS is led by Tony Jones who has extensive experience at leading international insurance groups and Lloyd’s syndicates of pricing, underwriting management, risk governance and capital allocation.

Tony's previous roles include:

  • UK Head of General Insurance Services, KPMG

  • Global head of GI Actuarial Services at E&Y

  • Leading the Lloyd’s Equitas Reserving Project

  • Chairman of the Reserving Oversight Committee of the Institute of Actuaries

  • Deputy Chairman of the Lloyd’s Prudential Supervision Committee