? UMACS - Underwriting Management & Actuarial Consultancy
Pricing - methods, tools, data used by underwriters and actuaries to price risks. For Direct & Fac, Reinsurance and MGA/Binder business.
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Performance Governance - systems, procedures, accountabilities, MI for managing the profitability of an underwriting organisation. Complying with and obtaining business benefit from the new Lloyds’ Minimum Underwriting Standards.

Independent peer review of individual risks - on a regular basis as an ongoing part of your risk acceptance process, or on a one-off basis.

Benchmark your Performance Management processes against your peers and the market.

’Binders’ - review of individual binders and the processes by which ‘Binders’ are managed.

Traditional actuarial advice including reserve evaluations.
Strategic advice to management on ICA, reserving, pricing, risk management – making them effective, well-managed and transparent.

Making Change Happen - Many organizations are enhancing their underwriting management processes. We can work with you to make change happen effectively.

Provide IT systems for underwriting and pricing management: We have developed U-port, a software package that interfaces with your core underwriting system to give profit focused Management Information in a clear and transparant way. For more information about U-port click here: about U-port